The first week of August is behind us and I’m just now getting around to posting my goals for August. Usually, I do a wrap up of the month before but I only had one goal for July and that was to create five comics. I didn’t make that goal but not too worried about it since I had planned on taking off the whole summer from creating comics anyway. It would have been nice to create some just to have more ‘in the bag’ but isn’t that always the case?

For August, I’m getting back to my 15 comics a month plus other content. I want to work on more content for the website specifically coloring pages, greeting cards, and games. My goal is to go live each week with at least one new coloring page and greeting card.

For art in general, I want to practice with drawing hands and gestures as well as lettering that will be reproducible. For that to happen, I really want to create a style guide so I can use it as a reference.

That’s the plan for August. Biggest goal is the comics. I loved having a surplus of comics ready to go but that was depleted to take off the summer. No regrets though but now it is time to get to work.