In the spirit of trying new things, this week I have been giving art journaling a go. Each day I journal and draw on a topic.

I joined a 30 day art journal challenge so each morning a prompt is delivered to my inbox. Right now I have done two and let me just say I’m really enjoying it so far.

Today’s prompt was writing a letter to your past self. If you could go back to a certain day or just in general, what advice would you give? For me I wrote a letter to former self when I was a new Mom and worried about everything especially money since I left my career to be home with my daughter. I would have told myself to not to worry so much and it does indeed get better.

I decided for my drawing to do a mom holding a baby with few details. I was deciding on coloring and thought about using just grays. So I grabbed my Copic grays but just chose to use the lightest one applying multiple layers to bring down the value. To me, the scanned copy does not look as smooth as the one in the sketchbook. It was a fun experiment with using just one color.

For those interesting in the art journal 30 day challenge, you can find more details at Determined to Shine.