It’s a new month and time for new goals! For August, the only successful goal was to develop a lettering style guide. Since I’m tired of setting goals and not meeting them, I toned down the goals for September even though they are pretty lofty.

I do want to post a comic a day. My comic backlog isn’t that deep so I will have to churn out many comics this month to keep up. So drawing each day will probably be easy to accomplish. I also want to warm up for Drawlloween so drawing each day will help with that.

Once a month I want to publish a long-form comic which I am defining as more than four panels and will tell a short story or other content. It might not be a story but a list or something like that. I want to keep the content open so whatever I feel like working on will fit the category of a long-form comic.

So that’s the goal. Let’s hope for a good month.