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Years ago, I had a great idea. A webcomic loosely based on my life with my husband. My idea was that I would take all those cute moments that caught us laughing at (or with!) each other thinking others would enjoy it, too. 

There was a problem – I didn’t draw, but I knew a guy – my husband – who did. So I thought I would write the script and then my husband could draw it. Unfortunately only one of us was really interested in doing it. It was me just to be clear. 🙂

A few more years passed but this idea kept growing and the desire to do it got stronger. I decided to give drawing a go. I had drawn some in high school and college, so I knew I liked it. 

After a lot of YouTube videos and a couple of community art classes, my art has greatly improved. Mind you, it is nowhere near I want to be, but it’s getting there.

Now I feel somewhat confident – most days anyway – to do this webcomic thing. I plan to share my process and struggles as I go.

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the comics as much as I have enjoyed making them.