For the past few months, I have worked to be more consistent with drawing Magenta Sketches comics and at least posting to Facebook. I started creating some goals as a way to track progress and stay focused. That way when I’m lost as to what to do, I can always read my goal list and come up with something. It’s been really helpful.

So I thought I would share what goals I had for Magenta Sketches. For April it was pretty simple. Just create more content which I did but did not hit my goal. 15 comics might be unattainable especially if I don’t reach it this month, so I will have to revisit this and revise.

I also wanted to start doing some coloring pages. I have two completed which I will begin sharing once I have enough to consistently post.

Also I plan to start doing more YouTube videos and animations. Really excited about this. Another goal is to update the website. So it will be a busy but hopefully rewarding May.