In 2018 I started the year with one simple goal: to figure out what exactly I want to do. I had projects that ranged from developing games to blogging to writing books to developing websites. I had a lot of projects I wanted to do but couldn’t complete or even make real progress on any of them.

So instead of keeping on that track of not getting any thing done, I took a year to just do what I want and what I enjoyed. At the end of the year, drawing and web comics has won.

My content plan for Magenta Sketches will be as follows:

Monday – Lunchbox Comic – every weekday I do a comic for my daughter’s lunchbox and will post my favorite one from the previous week.

Wednesday – Magenta Sketches comic – slice of life comic featuring Magenta and friends.

Friday – Daily Sketch Comic – Most days I try to do a sketch comic of something that happened that day. I will post my favorite one each week.

Saturday – Daisy comic – Daisy was my first webcomic as I wanted to a webcomic but couldn’t draw but I knew I could draw a flower. These will be one panel comics that may or may not contain direct flower humor.