Jazz is holding a large board game and says to Magenta, "Let's play a new game." To which Magenta asks, "Sure. Do you know hot to play?"
The picture shows a close up of the game board rules book that reads, "Epic Quest Rulebook. Volume one of four." Jazz says, "Just need to read the rules."
Magenta has a shocked looked on her face as she stares are the very thick rule book.
Jazz noticing the look says, "Not liking that idea? It is a rather large rulebook. We could just read the quick start guide them." A slightly smaller book that reads, "Epic Quest Rulebook"Quick Start" Guide."
Magenta says, "You know we were only planning to play games for two hours. It may take that long to read the "quick start."
Jazz says, "I'll watch a video on how to play the game. That should help us read the rulebook faster." To which Magenta says, "I love your optimism that watching a game play video will lessen the intimidation of learning this game."

Let me say that I love board games. I’m just not a fan of reading pages and pages of text just to learn how to play. Our relationship dynamic has always been that Jazz first reads and learns how to play then teaches me. We do have a fairly new rule that if you bought the game then you have to learn how to play and teach it. Still have so many games that we have never played. Sad that the rules are a barrier to playing just because there is so much to comprehend beforehand.