Magenta is looking at her computer screen that reads, "Can't load windows. LOL" to which she says, "This can't be good."

There’s no feeling in the world like casually restarting your computer because things are working perfectly only to have the computer refuse to load windows.

First and foremost, thank goodness I had a separate drive from Windows and had recently moved most of my files to it. Luckily I had a Linux boot drive so I was able to get to that drive as the Windows drive was corrupt.

I had to create a Windows recovery disk from my husband’s computer. If you only have one computer then I suggest creating that recovery disk and putting it safely away because when I was trying to recover Windows it did give me the option to download online but my computer wouldn’t connect. I had to do a full re-install which wiped out both drives.

It’s actually kind of a good thing because I had so many started projects that I either lost interest in or forgot about. Every time I would run across them I would feel disappointment in myself for not following through with it. Now that all that is gone, I no longer have the guilt about not finishing it. So a partial blessing in disguise.

I’m back going now but still do not trust my computer so trying to remember to back up everything.