Magenta is holding a baby blanket she has made. In frame is also a woman in a cap and gown. Magenta says, "Here I made you a blanket. I've been working on it for a while. Happy Graduation." To which the graduate says, "um Thanks?"

In the crafting world, we refer to current projects as a ‘wip’ that stands for work in progress. My oldest wip is three years old and it is a blanket. It’s for my niece who is now three years older and many inches taller so I need to add some rows so that is indeed still a legit blanket and not a throw blanket.

Larger projects like blankets always take me forever to finish as I prefer smaller projects that I can see progress on after a few hours or even better they are completed in that time. Blankets take many rows before they start to take shape.

This is a good reminder to finish that blanket before another year rolls around and it becomes that much harder to finish.