Magenta is standing in a circle that is labeled "comfort zone" while another Magenta says, "Go on. Step on out."

A new year always seems to be the perfect time for new beginnings. One of my struggles is making goals that are both realistic and attainable. By attainable I mean that I will work towards them. So many times I have grand ideas but never put in any work to make it happen. Part of that is living too much in my comfort zone.

This year my goals will have actionable items that with every completed step will move me closer to it. Once I have finalized what those goals are, I will share with you to make it real and also for accountability.

One thing is for certain is that I want to do more comics! I love comics and want to create more hoping my comics resonate with people and bring a smile or even a laugh to their day.

Here is wishing everyone a great new year!