Panel shows Magenta saying, "Sometimes I think I am just too nice." The phone rings.
Magenta with the phone to her ear hears, " Hello, Ms. Sketches, I'd like to take to you about your car's warranty..I'm sure you.."
A close up of Magenta's phone with her finger clicking the hang up button.
Magenta is in frame and says, "Ok, maybe I'm not so nice.."

Back in the day when cell phones were not as popular, I never received any solicitation calls. Today, though, is another story. I get more sales calls than regular calls. I’ve gotten over the urge to be polite and listen nicely. That is when I even answer the phone. If I don’t have the number then chances are good I’m not answering it.

So that is the story behind today’s comic. I usually try to be nice but in certain situations it’s just impossible.