Summer is almost here. Just a few more weeks of school and we will be on that sweet, summer schedule.

I like to recharge in the summer. The school year grind is not only bad for the kiddo but for us poor parents who have to do so much.

This summer I plan to take a break from regular postings of comics but that doesn’t mean I am not working on new content and projects.

Comic Development

I have been thinking about switching up and doing a comic that has a story more than just the one-off comics. So to start deciding what I want to do I’m just going to develop characters. See what story they have to tell and go from there. I have my preference for the genre but really for me, it’s about the characters so I’m going to start there.

Art Practice

My art improves when I challenge myself, so I plan to spend some time during the next few months trying out different styles, drawing objects I never have, and anything else that pops in my mind or art challenges that I may come across. I do plan to post a weekly update which you will get to see some of what I have been up to.

Website Revamp

This is a big one. I use WordPress. I love WordPress so I’m planning to update the theme I am using – maybe even designing my own. It will be challenging but rewarding.

Each week I will post an update on progress on all the summer goals.