We are in the middle of summer and what a summer it has been! I just got back from visiting family for the past month. It was great but now it is time to get back to it.

This is why I drew Magenta looking tired as I am exhausted. But slowly getting back to normal. When I made my goals for July, I knew that I wouldn’t be home for most of the month. So I just need to do five comics to hit my goal.

My June goals I didn’t hit all of them. The only one I completed was the website redesign even though I’m tempted to do something completely different in the near future.

I need to re-evaluate YouTube as it takes a long time to do videos but nobody is watching them. Truth is I enjoy making them and the videos are for me as much as for anyone else.

July should be successful then it will be time to ramp back up in August. Looking forward to this fall and creating more comics.