Image with Jazz and Magenta sitting at a table eating when Jazz says, "It's best to stand here where the salt shaker is to take the Gaze of Golgoroth. If you follow this raid strategy you will have better success." To which Magenta says, "I can't believe you are critiquing my raid performance. You better be glad you drove here."

It is great to be able to share some of the same interests as your spouse. We both love to play video games and one that we enjoy playing together – most of the time – is Destiny.

There are these special in-game challenges called raids where you take a group of six – called a fireteam – and you battle big bosses, solving puzzles, and winning sweet loot. Raids can be a lot of fun but also frustrating. After one frustrating session, Jazz decided to help me do better to which I was in no mood to hear it. It was way too soon to be discussing such issues.

This is a classic example of Jazz explaining things as he loves props like salt shakers, pencils, napkins – really anything within arms reach. Sometimes his method of explaining things is helpful but most of the time it just provides a good basis for making fun of him. Either way it’s fun for me.