Glad you stopped by.

You have found the home to Magenta Sketches – a web comic featuring just your average geeky American family. This web comic has been years in the making. Years ago I had an idea for a web comic around a husband and wife. I’m sad to say that I never did anything with that idea.

Fast forward twelve years and one kid later, my idea has expanded to be about a family. In our family we love to laugh together and at each other. We look for the humor in practically everything, so there should be plenty of material.

I’m still fairly new to drawing and have only recently seen real improvements. So bear with me as hopefully as this comic matures, so does the art work.


From time to time, I will blog about my drawing practice where I give a glimpse into how I am growing as an artist. My hope is that it will serve as inspiration for anyone who has ever wanted to draw to just go for it.