Magenta is in a Fall Guys costume which resembles a bean and is falling into a game match and says , "Woohoo! Can't wait to play my first game! Not much longer now."
Magenta is in a bean costume falling when a message appears on screen, "Disconnected from server." To which she says, 'Oh Noes"
Magenta in her bean costume is at the start screen of Fall Guys and she looks sad with a tear rolling down her face.

In case you have never heard of Fall Guys, it is a super cute multi-player game where you race through obstacles to advance to the next round. Your prize for winning multiple rounds is a crown which you can then use to buy cool things for your bean – or character.

Fall Guys launched just over a week ago and was available on the PS4 for free if you had PlayStation Plus which in turn meant there were lots of players. The game grew quickly and so did server connection issues. It seems the game has made it past those rocky days. You can also play Falls Guys on the PC.

I bought it for both me and Jazz. We both experienced some connectivity issues on Saturday but I experienced more than Jazz. He quickly got ahead of me in levels. Luckily Sunday night I finally got past connection issues which seemed to be all me. I needed a Windows update that once that was installed I didn’t experience any connection issues.

The first round starts with 60 players. In the game you have three options: run, dive, and grab. You use grab in some of the mini games but you can also grab other players which gives you a slight boost if you are running. You can also grab players to cause them to drop items or even throw them off maps and eliminate them. For such a cute game, there are some cut-throat strategies.

I haven’t won a game. I feel like it’s an accomplishment that I have made the final round more than once. But Fall Guys was fun. We will probably play it a lot more. Fall Guys also reminds me of other games that I love like Splatoon and Super Monkey Ball. Of course, I’m all about chibis and cuteness, so the bright colors and upbeat music just make me love it that much more.

So I have played the game for four hours and half that time has been spent trying to get into a match. But with the issue resolved, I’m looking forward to the next four hours of game play because it will be way more fun than the first four.