A picture of a guy with a bucket and a little heart next to him. There is a poem that reads, "There once was a man from Nantucket who had a relationship with a bucket. If someone frowned, he'd yell 'Taste my musket!' Who am I to judge though. I once dated a back hoe."

Is anyone else obsessed with weird holidays? I love weird holidays. It is such a cool thing to think everyday there is at least one ‘holiday’ to celebrate. Some are really niche but it is just a nice thought that everyday there is a celebration happening.

Today is Bad Poetry Day. I had written this limerick for Limerick Day – another weird holiday – but it seems fitting to share today. For the longest time, I thought a limerick had to include the word “Nantucket” because – well we all know what rhymes with that. Crude humor is my bread and butter and what I was reared on.

A limerick does not have to include Nantucket but does need to include two or three short lines and has to rhyme. I used to think the best poems were the poems that rhymed. I’m just not that deep of a thinker to get poems that don’t rhyme.

When I took creative writing in college, we had to write a poem. I wrote a poem that was deeply personal but it rhymed so everyone hated it. Wow. No wonder I to this day do not like sharing my work. As I’ve gotten older, I realize that everyone has different tastes, so even though that class of 30 didn’t get it, the next 30 people to read it might have loved it.

Anyway, it’s fun to celebrate something everyday. Bad poetry is one subject that is near to my heart. I can churn out bad poetry the rhymes anytime.