Raising a Gen Z kid

I’m starting a new set of comics called ‘Raising a Gen Z kid’ although I just realize it should be ‘rearing’ as my 12th grade English teacher Mrs. Naive would always say. You raise chickens, she would remind us. But I’m thinking that raising a Gen Z kid is more like livestock than I care to admit.

She says what she wants – unafraid of any consequences. We never made a big deal of cussing because – let’s face it – she is hearing all of these words nearly daily from her parents – especially her father. When she was little, we just didn’t make a big deal out of it as some might laugh at hearing a 4-year-old muttering “What the Hell?” but laughing reinforces that it’s funny and in her mind, she should do it again.

I admire her for her boldness and willingness to speak her truth. Maybe I can learn something from her.