Magenta has her hands in front of her with mesmerizing eyes and the text says, "I want all the minis."

Lately I have been painting miniatures and am loving it. It’s nice to see improvement which just encourages me to paint more. I find it relaxing and fun just to paint and zone in on this small figure that has all of my attention. On some level it is mediation.

My husband’s love of Kickstarter projects grows each year. One project he always backs is Reaper Minis and their Bones – plastic miniatures that are at an insanely good deal during the campaign. I recently organized all of the unpainted Bones I could find and didn’t count them because I didn’t want to depress myself with how little we have actually painted of what we own. Now that I’m painting more I hope to tackle more of those bare minis before the next batch arrives in Spring 2021.