Jazz, Bug, and Magenta are outside and Jazz says to Bug, "So, really it's much ado about nothing." To which Magenta says, "Isn't that Twitter's new tag line?"

Do you remember the ‘Seinfeld’ show? It was basically a show about nothing that ran for many years. It could have been renewed for many more but Jerry Seinfeld wanted to end it on a high note and not drag out the show longer than it was funny. There really wasn’t much of a plot – pretty much how Magenta Sketches is. It was just filled with every day seemingly random occurrences.

I’m not sure why I even spend time on Twitter. It’s so toxic and so much of it is just about nothing of substance. But there are some good conversations, too. Take the good with the bad I guess. It’s just a fact of life. Sorry about that. Referencing yet another older television show.