Snail works his plan to get Daisy’s attention. Mistletoe always looks different than I expect. Growing up I always thought Holly was Mistletoe.  It’s definitely more festive with its bold, green leaves and red berries. Mistletoe’s leaves are a dull green and those white berries just have little character.

Why do we kiss under the Mistletoe? Good question. If you are to believe the Internet, it looks like it may come from Norse mythology about the god 
Baldr who was killed with a Mistletoe arrow. Mistletoe now should only be used for good – hence kissing.

It’s also suggested that the kissing under the Mistletoe is because Mistletoe is an ancient symbol of fertility.

However it happened, Mistletoe is harder to draw than expected. I did my best. If it would have been Holly, I can draw that much better and therefore wouldn’t have to explain what it is supposed to be. 

No Mistletoe for next week’s Daisy comic. What a relief.