This semester I took an adult basic drawing class where each week for ten weeks a different drawing concept was covered. It was a lot of material. Since we only spent basically three hours on each topic I wanted to do more so I’m revisiting each lesson and blogging about it so that my understanding grows as well as hopefully someone reading this will get something out of it.

The first week was all about line drawing. I really like line drawing because all you are worried with is the object – no light source, shadows or anything. Our assignment was shells. We picked out two shells to draw. One drawing was a larger study while the other was more an actual size of the shell.

The large study was the first drawing I did. I found it very hard to draw a shell as there is all this detail that with just lines was making my brain freak out. The second study I felt much more confident with. I think because it was supposed to be the actual size of the shell that it was easier for me to get the portions right.

It’s amazing looking at this drawing just two months later and already see how I would do it differently.

This week I am revisiting this lesson from class and plan on doing a couple of studies.