Since November I have been trying to sketch a daily comic that has something to do with our lives like something that happened that day to remember the moment.

I’m using a Moleskine blank notebook that is almost full of comics that are a slice of life situations. Some of them are really inside jokes. I haven’t done a comic every day sadly but in an attempt to push myself to do more, I’ve decided to share one comic from the previous week.

This one is pretty self explanatory but just a little background on it in case there are those visitors who have never had to diet in their life may not be familiar with this. My husband and I have started doing Weight Watchers. Each day you have so many points to ‘spend’ on food. Foods vary in points and you could say that the better the food tastes the more points it has. Weight watchers is a great program but always starting a diet can be rough. So on this day I was very excited to actually have a few points left for either a snack or to bank them (you can rollover 4 points to the next day).

These sketches are fast, messy, and no editing will be done on them except for cropping.

Hope you enjoy a look into some of the moments that make up our days.