Die Hard is a Christmas movie

Here’s the evidence:

Takes place on Christmas Eve
Takes place at a Christmas Party

There are gifts. John brings his daughter a teddy bear. Holly receives a Rolex from her boss.

It’s a redemption story. John realizes he should have been more supportive of his wife in her LA move. It’s a Christmas miracle! He gets the girl in the end.

Argyle is definitely Elf material. Always there for John.

Al is more of a reindeer. Dependable. Level-headed and saves the day at the end like Rudolph does with Christmas and his shiny nose.

Ho Ho Ho is used. John writes this about the first terrorist he kills when he sends him down the elevator.

Other movies set around Christmas time are Christmas movies even if the subject matter isn’t directly related to Christmas. I watched White Christmas this week and this is a classic Christmas movie. Why? Is it because Christmas is in the title? That is about all it has to do with Christmas other than the setting on Christmas Eve at the beginning and end of the movie.

Enjoy some Christmas movies this month including Die Hard!