An image of Magenta and Jazz on a tandem bike with Jazz in front and Magenta on the second seat behind him. Jazz asks, "Isn't this fun?" To which Magenta says, "My handlebars don't work!"

Have you ever ridden a tandem bike? I haven’t ridden a bicycle built for two where the person in front has all the power while the person in the back just gets to pedal.

My parents had a tandem bike that my Dad really enjoyed but my Mom hated it since she was always in the back and just got to pedal and stare at Dad’s back the whole time.

I was reminded of this story when I watched the documentary “Monkey Business: The Adventures of Curious George’s Creators.” Hans (H.A.) and Margaret Ray were in Paris as refugees on the run from Nazi Germany, They were looking to travel south and decided to go by bicycle. Because of the influx of refugees in Paris, Hans could only find a tandem bike. So, they gave it a test ride when Margaret vetoed it and really who could blame her? Hans went on to build two bikes our of spare parts and they were able to travel south then.

The documentary is really good and such an amazing story. When that story was told, I thought of my Mom and her thoughts on tandem bikes and knew I then had to do a comic.